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So proud of my sister for officially launching her new Design & Entertainment blog!  Two years in the making, I finally get to post the incredible photo shoot when it all started.

Check out the new site! Practical and PrettyPractical_and_Pretty_Header_high_res_no_line About_lo_low res

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Another one from the seriesRob Gregg Photography Mad Men 3

New York On My Mind


Much needed creative release tonight.  Set up my studio and photographed/composited the first image in a new series.


Selfie – Enabling phone camera users to take “selfies” completely hands free for the first time ever.

I just submitted my first ever product idea for the “selfie”

Check it out on the link below and please vote to help make this concept a reality!

The Selfie - Rob Gregg Design

The Problem

There is currently no seamless device/software available that allows phone camera users to take a picture of themselves without having their hands on the physical device/reaching in awkward, difficult angles. Group pictures also require the use of a third party or someone with long arms which typically results in a series of failed photo capture attempts. The “selfie” is the most common type of picture being taken with a phone, as apparent by it’s definition being added to the Dictionary, yet it is still a cumbersome, awkward process to take.

Also, there are currently no products in the mainstream marketplace that allows phone camera users to remotely trigger their phone’s camera.

The Solution

The “selfie” provides an adjustable base to set a user’s camera on and angle the device appropriately to take a picture of themselves completely hands free and from a distance. The base also features a removable, one-touch button remote control, concealed flush underneath the base, which allows users to remotely activate the device’s camera.

The hardware is paired with an app download that enables the selfie to communicate with the phone’s camera and activate it remotely via the selfie remote. A secondary timer option will allow users to trigger their camera without the remote in place of a basic countdown (countdown displayed on screen). A third “photo booth” option will take 4 photos in metered succession and create a photo booth strip image (another highly trendy photo format) with the option to share it on any of the user’s social media platforms. *This software will be available to anyone, and will advertise the hardware component to users who don’t currently own it. **Note, the app interface is not pictured in the hardware design attached.

Product version 1.0 works on any flat surface. Product version 2.0 will stick to any wall or mirror. Product version 3.0 will be able to secure itself to any surface.

NY Sunrise

Good morningNY Morning Rob Gregg Photography


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